“Philosophy is a great word - especially in business.

Our philosophy is family.

Cobantur and Boltas caused by power and courage of its founders.

Still today we are a family business. Owner-operated, with courage to take responsibility.

For our customers and for our employees ”


A corporate mission statement should define principles and values according to which a company and the people within it act. A lot of effort often goes into describing ideals in mission statements that have little in common with reality. These often do not answer the question of how this ideal is to be achieved. Whether written missions statements will fulfil their function and how they will do this is anyone’s guess. Following traditional moral concepts such as integrity, reliability, credibility and a sense of responsibility has been a mark of our company ever since it was founded, and it is also what ensures our leading market position. The virtues and values exemplified by us have created this culture within our transport and logistics company. We operate on the assumption that positive change is not created through printed mission statements hung on office walls in frames. Such mission statements need to be anchored in the thinking of the management and staff if they are genuinely to bring about positive development. That is why it is the values that we exemplify that are the guidelines for successful and responsible guidance.

This goes not only for the company and its employees but also for society and family life.


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